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Pretty simple, simply better

The way we see it, adding more complex combinations of materials to everyday products will not solve today’s product performance, health and environmental challenges. We’re convinced that manufacturing products from a simple set of known, pure materials makes more sense.

We use drastic simplification to redesign products from the ground up. By using a simple set of materials, products that we use everyday can easily be recovered in their pure form and repurposed to create new products, again and again.

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What drives us

Niaga® is a group of people who believe that we can greatly improve our environmental impact, comfort and wealth by rethinking the way everyday products are made. We’re deeply troubled by how the complexity of the ingredients in the products we use limits us from reusing and recycling their materials. If a doctor, waste-treatment company, retailer or consumer can’t explain what our products consists of, how are we supposed to deal with all the health and waste issues in the world?

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What we are
working on

Our first product is carpeting. We chose carpets because they’re used around the world in massive volume, and are one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste.

Our aim was to apply our product design philosophy and redesign a carpet out of one single material, a carpet that could be fully recycled into the same size and quality again and again. The results exceeded our expectations. Our recyclable carpet is easier to handle, improves indoor air quality and is produced with less water and energy.

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More products to redesign

The world is full of products that could use a drastic simplification. If there’s any product in particular that you’d like to see us redesign, don’t hesitate to let us know about it! We’d love to hear from you.

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