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Niaga® uses drastic
simplification to redesign products from the ground up.

Adding more complex combinations of materials to everyday products will not solve today’s product performance, cost, health, and environmental challenges. We are convinced that manufacturing products from a simple set of known, pure materials, makes more sense.

So we use drastic simplification to redesign products from the ground up. By using a simple set of materials, they can easily be recovered in their pure form, and repurposed to create new products, again and again.

Outsmarting complexity in carpets.

We tried carpets first, because carpets are used around the world in massive quantities. We started from a clean sheet of paper, aiming to make a carpet out of just one material. Success would mean a better performing carpet that can be 100% recycled in new carpets. Again and again.

The results exceeded our expectations. Including a production technology to produce a mono-material carpet made of polyester, and a duo-material carpet with a polyester backing and nylon or woolen face fibers. The duo-material carpet involved inventing a reversible adhesive for full recovery of both materials after use.

Other Applications

Reasons to outsmart complexity.

Our belief in drastic simplification is based on three simple insights:
1) adding more complexity is good for business but not always good for the consumer
2) complex combinations of ingredients are difficult to take apart for re-use in new products
3) new & complex products often have unexpected long-term impacts on our health and the environment

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More everyday products ready for redesign?

We know there are more products in the world than carpets. We would love to hear your ideas on other products that could use some drastic simplification. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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