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Designed for circularity.

Again™ is our commercial broadloom carpet that was made to be remade. Geared towards office use, it is made of recycled materials and can be recycled into a new carpet after use. It meets commercial carpet's highest quality standards and contributes to healthier working environments.

Available in twenty-five colors.

Discover our collection of twenty-five beautiful colors and look into products specifications.

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Pioneers wanted.

Are you pioneering circular purchasing and keen on bringing our Again™ carpet out into the world? The Again™ collection is a product of our living lab. With our partners, we show that closing the loop within the value chain is possible.

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Not just a pretty face fiber.

Apart from its beautiful design and its recyclability, there's more that makes Again™ carpet special.

  • Its face fibers and secondary backing are made of 100% recycled materials
  • Better indoor air quality as it's free of VOCs and flame retardants
  • Superior acoustics due to soft backing
  • Lightweight for easier transportation and installation

What's in it.

Again™ carpet is marked by our Niaga® tag to guarantee that it was designed for circularity. It is produced with just two materials, polyamide 6 and polyester. Because of its modular design, its materials can be retrieved, recycled and reused, again and again.

More about what's in it

We want it back.

Product-to-product recycling requires thorough testing to find out which routes are most economically viable, scalable and - hence - will yield the best results. Together with our valued partners, we are working towards a full-fledged recycling infrastructure.

More about recycling

Let's design out waste.

In Europe alone, 1.6 billion tons of carpet is trashed annually, ending up in landfill and incineration. Worldwide, only 5% of carpet gets recycled. The Again™ collection is our solution for carpet waste in the commercial market.

Let's design for circularity.

Did you know that waste is largely a result of the way in which we design things? If we start designing with the recyclability of materials top-of-mind, an economy that is restorative and regenerative will come into being.

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