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Our signature technology.

Our technology allows for an altogether new carpet manufacturing model. It enables a high-quality distinctive, recyclable product made of just one or two healthy materials. A manual is available for economically viable dismantling after use.

Our offer.

  • our design philosophy
  • Niaga® adhesive and technology
  • expertise to set up production at scale
  • product introduction through tolling
  • product validation with end users
  • our Niaga® tag to facilitate material transparency, recovery and reuse

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Healthy carpet, designed for circularity.

Carpet with Niaga® technology and adhesive:

  • is noise reducing due to soft backing
  • is great for your indoor air quality as it has no added VOCs
  • has lower maintenance costs
  • is fire-safe as it leaves out flammable materials
  • is easy to clean due to its superior soil and stain performance
  • is recyclable back into carpet
  • is future-proof as it's produced with 90% less energy and no water

Meet our friends, mono and duo.

We have developed two types of carpet, mono and duo. Mono is an all-polyester carpet that is fully recyclable after use. When non-polyester face fibers are required, our Niaga® technology enables what we call our duo carpet. Two different materials can be connected by way of our click-unclick adhesive and decoupled on demand at the end of the carpet’s life cycle. Much like a glue that works like a screw.

Did you know carpet is traditionally made by using a complex set of materials, glued together for eternity by latex? Separating and reusing these materials after use is near-to-impossible. As a result, 1.6 billion tons of carpet is trashed annually in Europe alone, ending up in landfill and incineration.

How science can change the world

Our founding father, Chris Reutelingsperger, shares his personal story. It all started with a sense of urgency about the vast amounts of carpet waste.

Our frontrunner partners.

We are indebted to our courageous partners for going against the grain and doing things differently. Together, we are closing the loop and inspiring others to follow suit.

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And more.

As we speak, Niaga® technology is being used in carpet, mattresses and furniture panels. Yet, the potential of Niaga® technology is almost infinite. More product redesigns are underway.

We'd love to hear from you.

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