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Our signature technology.

Our technology allows for an altogether new mattress concept and manufacturing and recycling process. It enables production of a high quality, refurbishable and recyclable mattress. It needs two materials only - polyester and steel. Because of its modular design, its materials can be fully regained, recycled and reused, again and again.

Our offer.

  • our design philosophy
  • Niaga® adhesive and technology
  • expertise to set up production at scale
  • product introduction through partner tolling
  • product development and product and materials' validation
  • our Niaga® tag to facilitate material transparency, recovery and reuse

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Healthy mattresses, designed for circularity.

Mattresses with Niaga® adhesive and technology are:

  • recyclable back intro mattresses
  • healthy as they have no added VOCs and are free of flame retardants
  • comfortable and hygienic due to excellent climate performance
  • easy to clean, repair and refurbish

Future-proofing mattresses.

Knowing that most mattresses end up in landfill or incineration, we joined forces with Royal Auping and used our material science and design expertise to complement their knowledge on how to produce high-quality and comfortable mattresses. The result is a mattress made of polyester and steel only. All components can be separated and reused, enabling mattress refurbishment to extend life and eventually high-quality recycling.

Did you know many complex material mixes and glues are being used in the construction of your average mattress? Separating and reusing these materials after use is near-to-impossible and makes them end up in landfill and incineration. As a result, an estimated 35 million mattresses are disposed of annually in Europe alone and 20 million in the United States.

Sharing hopes & dreams with Royal Auping.

Our collaboration with Royal Auping allows know-how of sleep, manufacturing, material science and circular product design to materialize in a mattress-to-mattress recyclable, super comfortable product.

Our mattress won a Red Dot Design Award & the Circular Award Business 2019.

Meet Royal Auping

The team behind the mattress.

The story of circular mattresses starts with an expert team that brings in lots of experience, while doing the work from their hearts.

And more.

As we speak, Niaga® technology is being used in carpet, mattresses and furniture panels. Yet, the potential of Niaga® technology is almost infinite. More product redesigns are underway.

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