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Our signature technology.

Our technology allows for an altogether new panel concept and manufacturing process. It enables a high-quality distinctive, recyclable product made of just two or three healthy materials that can be disconnected after use.

Our offer.

  • our design philosophy
  • Niaga® adhesive and technology
  • expertise to set up own production at scale
  • customized panel production
  • our Niaga® tag to facilitate material transparency, recovery and reuse

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Healthy panels, designed for circularity.

Furniture panels with Niaga® adhesive and technology are:

  • great for indoor air quality as they're free of formaldehyde and VOCs
  • easy to repair and refurbish
  • high-quality and easy to process
  • produced with recycled cellulose and cellulose waste
  • recyclable into new panels

Future-proofing furniture panels.

Our click-unclick adhesive and ECOR®'s cellulose-based panels come together to form a recyclable panel. By way of our adhesive, any top layer can be added and can be decoupled on demand at the end of its use. Much like a glue that works like a screw.

Our Solid panels are made of multiple layers of ECOR® panels. Our Air panels consist of honeycomb sandwiched by ECOR® panels. All panels are laminated with veneer or HPL and can be taken apart and reused at the of their life cycle.

Did you know complex material mixes and glues are being used in the furniture panels that make up the desk you’re working from, your dining table and the cupboard that holds your clothes? Separating and reusing these materials after use is near-to-impossible and makes them end up in landfill and incineration.

Moving forward with circular panels

Since 2017, we have been combining ECOR®’s all-natural fiber-based furniture panels with our Niaga® click-unclick adhesive to create a recyclable, healthy alternative to traditional particleboard.

Our frontrunner partners.

We are indebted to our courageous partners for going against the grain and doing things differently. Together, we are closing the loop and inspiring others to follow suit.

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And more.

As we speak, Niaga® technology is being used in carpet, mattresses and furniture panels. Yet, the potential of Niaga® technology is almost infinite. More product redesigns are underway.

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