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We work close with our Premium Partners, that also have a strong drive to change the way we as human beings think and act on using materials and products. They supply key parts of the Niaga® Technology.

Spin Group

We are proud to have Spin Group as a partner in yarn development and production to further improve the carpets made with Niaga Technology. Through rethinking and redesigning Spin Group have developed the Cirton® yarn at their Triple S Yarns subsidiary. This yarn fits the Niaga design philosophy since it is made from 100% post-consumer polyester. The Cirton® yarn is produced in Peer, Belgium as the factory runs only on renewable energy made from vegetable waste and solar power avoiding harmful emissions. The waste stream from its Biogas plant is a perfect fertilizer containing 100% natural matter and is officially licensed by the government.

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LACOM is worldwide known for its laminating and coating machines. Together with Lacom we started the development of a laminating process based on engineered adhesive technology. Lacom also developed the second generation fiberbinding machines for Niaga®.

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Cumapol upgrades post-consumer polyester for re-use in multiple applications including the food packaging. This expertise is key in our ambition to upcycle carpet waste to its highest possible application. With this partnership we are one step further in securing carpet to carpet recycling.

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Mattex develops and produces carpet backing, artificial grass backings and Geotextiles. Mattex is our supplier of the primary backing we use for our Niaga® Technology.

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