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All products redesigned by Niaga® are fully recyclable back into the same product. To allow for decoupling of different materials, Niaga® invented an adhesive that decouples on demand. When the carpet is no longer in use, a recycler can “unclick” the adhesive to harvest two pure material streams.

Only the design is not enough to make recycling really happening. The carpet must come back to the producer, or has to be offered to a recycling company. We actively support the actual recycling by:
- sharing a recycling manual with carpet recyclers,
- reaching out to consumers of carpet,
- thinking along with carpet manufactures and retailers on how to stimulate the return flow.

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Where we stand today

Niaga® has developed the production technology for fully recyclable carpets. A carpet manufacturing line is operational in Geleen, The Netherlands, to road test with new customers, and to make carpet ourselves for people who can’t wait to have a healthier and fully recyclable carpet. We offer this technology to all carpet manufacturers globally.

Mohawk Industries launched their product Air.O in the US market in early 2017. Air.O is made with Niaga® Technology, and represents an entirely new flooring category called Unified Soft Flooring (USF). Air.O eliminates the “new carpet smell", is easy to install and is 100% recyclable.

Beyond carpet Niaga® is redesigning other products. Stay tuned to LinkedIn, Twitter and this website, for latest news on other products.

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