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Niaga® Technology

The Niaga® Carpet Manufacturing Technology is the last step in the carpet making process. Here the ingredients come together to make a carpet for an office, living room, baby room, airplane, event, or hotel.

In line with the Niaga® Design Philosophy, only pure materials are selected in the lowest possible diversity. In practise, this results in a mono-material polyester carpet. When facefibers from another material than polyester are desired, an adhesive is used that can decouple on demand. In other words, a glue that works like a screw.

In the first step, the facefibers are bonded to the primary backing by using only heat and pressure. The second and last step of the Niaga® Carpet Manufacturing Technology marries the top-layer and the backing together, using the Niaga® Adhesive.

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The Niaga® Technology


Carpet-to-carpet recyclable
Carpets made with the Niaga® Technology are fully recyclable back into new carpet.

Easy to install and remove
Installation time is reduced to around 40% for broadloom carpet, with lower risk of damage to hands, walls and furniture. Also, removal is easier, since the carpet can easily be folded and is about 20% lighter.

Easy to clean
The material(s) used in Niaga® ingredient branded carpet have inherently better soil and stain performance. Due to the absence of latex, the airflow through the carpet when using a vacuum cleaner is better.

Fire safety
Due to the absence of latex, PVC and bitumen, smoke creation in case of fire is strongly reduced, allowing more escape time.

The Niaga® Adhesive is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This results in an odour-free installation with no negative impact on indoor air quality.

Future proof production
Compared to today’s standard in the lamination process, the Niaga® Technology reduces energy use by approximately 90% and eliminates the need for water. 



All products redesigned by Niaga® are fully recyclable back into the same product. To allow for decoupling of different materials, Niaga® invented an adhesive that decouples on demand. When the carpet is no longer in use, a recycler can “unclick” the adhesive to harvest two pure material streams.

Only the design is not enough to make recycling really happening. The carpet must come back to the producer, or has to be offered to a recycling company. We actively support the actual recycling by:
- sharing a recycling manual with carpet recyclers,
- reaching out to consumers of carpet,
- thinking along with carpet manufactures and retailers on how to stimulate the return flow.

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