Auping Evolve Mattress

Auping Evolve is not your average mattress. It’s made to be remade. It has been designed for circularity with Niaga® technology. With your help, this mattress can be repurposed again and again.

What’s inside

Did you know many complex material mixes and glues are being used in the construction of your average mattress? This makes recycling near-to-impossible and makes them end up in landfill and incineration. Auping Evolve is produced with just two marvelous materials.

For the springs

For everything else

Product journey

Because of its modular design, its materials can be fully retrieved, recycled and reused again and again. In its Circularity passport, you can check out this mattress’s material journey.

Close the loop

Please give this mattress another life by returning it once it has reached the end of its life with you. Royal Auping is keen to take it back and reuse its valuable materials to turn them into a new mattress. Kudos to you for keeping your mattress out of the trash.

About Niaga

Niaga® and its partners aim to future-proof everyday products by redesigning them from scratch for closed loops. Products that carry a Niaga® tag have been designed based on the principles of simplicity, clean materials and reversible connections. Their materials can be repurposed again and again. Apart from this mattress, we are developing circular manufacturing models for fully recyclable carpet as well as a healthy alternative to traditional furniture panels. More product redesigns are underway.

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