Z-2-HOME is not your average piece of furniture. It has been designed to use again, so its materials don’t end up as waste. Ever. Kudos to you for keeping it out of the trash. 

Designed with the end in mind

Did you know many complex material mixes and glues are being used in the construction of your average Z-2-HOME? This makes recycling near-to-impossible and makes them end up in landfill and incineration. Z-2-HOME is produced with just two materials.

Cellulose fibers
From paper waste

Polyester-based adhesive keeps it all together

We share what’s inside

To be sure of a product's recyclability, we need to know what’s inside. Material transparency is key. That’s why your Z-2-HOME comes with a unique product passport that tells you exactly what it’s made of. 

Return is key

Please give this Z-2-HOME another life by returning it once it has reached the end of its life with you. By returning your product, you are safeguarding the valuable materials inside for future generations. Kudos to you for keeping it out of the trash.

About Niaga®

At Niaga®, we are future-proofing everyday products by making sure materials don't have to end up as waste. Ever. Together with our partners, we design out waste, completely. We design to use again. So far, we have developed mattresses, carpet, and furniture panels. They are healthier and fully recyclable, without compromising on performance. By scanning the Niaga® tag, you’ll see exactly what a product is made of and how it can be returned. More product redesigns are underway.

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