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What drives us

Niaga® is a group of people who believe that we can greatly improve our environmental impact, comfort and wealth by rethinking the way everyday products are made. We’re deeply troubled by how the complexity of the ingredients in the products we use limits us from reusing and recycling their materials.

Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall is the Managing Director of DSM-Niaga and Vice President, Strategic Growth for DSM Resins. She is a proactive business leader who fully embraces the Circular Economy. She’s passionate about health, nutrition, and customer engagement. Kelly feels fortunate to lead the DSM Niaga team in our mission to eliminate top pollution issues and improve healthy living spaces everywhere.  In her mind, the status quo exists not because people don’t care… it’s because we don’t know about the issues or the choices available to us.  It’s a pleasure to deliver the products of the future, and to openly explore the issues together!

Michel Tichelaar

Michel is responsible for increasing Niaga’s scientific knowledge and expertise so we can develop new application concepts and engineer breakthroughs. “I really like the way of thinking at Niaga®, and that I can develop concepts with their end of life in mind. There are a lot of challenges ahead of us, but we can make this world a better place
for us and for generations to come.”


Mike Roele

Mike is responsible for Manufacturing and Supply Chain within the Niaga team. Previously he worked in the semiconductor and most of his carreer  (11 years) in the automotive industrialization. He believes that Niaga is a great concept and it must be scaled up to enable the entire world to enjoy and re-enjoy it.


Chris Reutelingsperger

Chris, an experienced carpet and sustainable materials innovator, founded Niaga®. Today he is responsible for product development and, in his “chaos pilot” role, for thinking up new product opportunities. He believes the world is at a tipping point that makes it possible to look afresh at products, services, materials and communication. “Through this we can involve everyone on our planet in design-for-reuse processes that will help safeguard raw materials for future generations.” Polyester is a perfect example: “Pure polyester waste can be reprocessed as virgin polyester and reused again and again, more economically and without any loss of quality.”

Brigit Verschuren

Brigit is responsible for setting budgets and monitoring Niaga’s ongoing business performance. Previously operations controller for 10 cocoa plants in Europe, West Africa and Indonesia, she says: “I love people with ambition and an open mind, who have the ability to think differently.” She describes herself as an optimist – “although I tend to be realistic, which might sometimes appear pessimistic.”

Bruce Petrovick

Bruce is a sales and marketing pro with a flair for entrepreneurship. In his career, he has sold industrial and specialty chemicals and carpet fibers, including biobased fibers. He launched the first branded poultry in the US, and once owned three gas stations/stores, and a seafood market and restaurant. “I hope to use my experience as an entrepreneur and in selling, to make the Niaga® business a success.”

Margreeth Klein

Margreeth is a real spider in the Niaga® web. She’s responsible for customer service in the Benelux. She oversees shipments. She’s our contact for sourcing issues and for export documents. “Niaga® is a great concept because it’s sustainable and has zero loss of quality! The message is simple and I’m confident that simplicity is the key to convincing people. I’m an optimist, and I hope things will improve.”

Wim van Roij

Wim researches and develops the technical aspects of the carpet-making and carpet-recycling processes. He also designs and builds prototype production machines. “I was Niaga’s first employee, and I joined because I found it a special, beautiful project,” he notes. “The more complex the technical problem is, the more I enjoy it.”

Henk-Jan Udding

Henk-Jan Udding is the Innovation Director Novel Applications of DSM-Niaga. He is passionate about new business creation for a Circular Economy, and to redesign everyday products for disassembly and recycling, like Niaga® Carpet.
It’s time to create healthy living spaces, to phase out toxins, and to apply polymers which can be used again and again. Let’s explore more applications beyond Niaga® Carpet together!

Lukas Hoex

Lukas joined Niaga® to help scale an innovation he believes will have a huge impact. “The idea of redesigning products at the material science level to reduce complexity and unpredictable health impacts is cool.” Impatient to push sustainability faster, Lukas is convinced his kids can live in a much nicer environment and hopes that, with today’s challenges solved, they’ll work on solving future ones.

Monique Hendrix- Smeets

Monique is the heart of the DSM Niaga team. She make sure the offices runs smoothly so that all teams can stay focused on driving Niaga forward. She is the spider in the web and the first contact person for the Niaga team. With her expertise she enables the team to pursue the Niaga Mission. 


Sven Vanderbroek

Sven joined DSM-Niaga because we combine innovation with two more of his favorite things: start-up business and contributing to society. A technical operator with wide production experience, he says: “I love the concept and challenge of reusing Niaga®, and possibly doing the same with other materials in the future. I would love to reduce our throwaway culture.”



Jelle van der Werf

Jelle is responsible for developing and upscaling new adhesives and coatings for Niaga® Technology, and enjoys working with people who are enthusiastic about making a positive difference. As coatings and adhesives specialist, he joined Niaga® for the challenge. “For many applications, reusability and the circular economy are in their infancy. There’s a bright future for those who actively seek to innovate!”

Denise Nahon

Denise manages DSM-Niaga’s patent portfolio and is key in setting up the company’s IP strategy. A nature-lover, Denise gets a kick out of “the energy within the company and the view of the road ahead.” She also believes humans are smart enough to tackle the problems arising from changes in the Earth’s ecosystem. “It will take strong politicians, time and loads of human energy, but we will get there.”

Jos Witjes

Jos gets a kick out of succeeding as a team, and describes himself as an optimist “because of the drive so many people have in common to make the world a better place in which to live.” His favorite mono-material is cotton, and he would like to see it being reused more than it is now to mitigate the environmental and social downsides of the cotton industry.                         

Layo van het Goor

Layo is responsible for the development of recycling technologies for Niaga® carpet. He completely embraces Niaga®’s philosophy of developing products from pure materials in such a way that the product not only outperforms current main stream references, but also is 100% recyclable at the end of its life time. As organic chemist and coating specialist, he knows that each constituent in a specific product fulfills a certain purpose. 

Teus Louwerens

Teus is driving the creation of our Niaga® Digital Transformation.“ An optimist who enjoys teamwork that focuses on making the future brighter. “We need to educate children about the need to reuse materials, sort waste and save energy. It should be normal to respect mother Earth. 

Valerie Reid

Valerie is responsible for the Niaga Innovation Center, where she and her team run customer trials, explore the science behind the Niaga® cycle, and are developing new Niaga® opportunities. She loves science, sustainability and the shared vision at DSM-Niaga to make the world a better place. She hates excess packaging. And being British, she feels carpet completes a home.

Chantalle Janclaes

Chantalle is fired up about sharing the DSM-Niaga misson to the outside world. She connects with the influencers and interacts with the followers. “I love passion, creativity and authenticity in people,” she says. “I joined DSM-Niaga because I got inspired by the concept, and it feels great to be part of a winning team with a mission to help change the world for the better. I love action and building something together.”

Ron Keulers

Ron has 30 years’ experience in fiber intermediates and engineering plastics. For DSM-Niaga, he is developing fit-in solutions for multipurpose carpets. An optimist who says his favorite material is multifunctional polyamide, he says: “There are still a lot of opportunities to create new sustainable fiber applications, and these should be explored.”


Diane de Bruijne

Diane is responsible for the analytical support for Niaga.  She has over 10 years’ experience in polymer characterization, especially in polycondensates. In line with her passion for safe and healthy products she supports Niaga in emission testing and characterization of carpets, other products and recycled materials thereof


Richard Willems

Richard brings 20 years of HR- and business coaching experience within both small business companies and multinationals. As an independent HR professional, he supports DSM-Niaga’s growth from People & Organization perspective like bringing in and developing high qualified new team members and supporting our professional way towards high performing, self-organizing teams.

Chantal Jorissen

Chantal Jörissen is responsible for the Product Marketing of the Carpet division of DSM-Niaga. What inspires me is bringing great innovative products to the market. I love to mobilize the whole ecosystem and to implement new business models to push for a fast transition, all with the purpose to eliminate pollution and to create healthy work and living spaces. Doing this as part of a team with a strong shared vision and purpose is really wonderful!” 

Ward Mosmuller

Ward joined the team as he is convinced the Niaga philosophy will set the trend in developing circular products. “Design for circularity and being transparent about what goes into products is the basis of a circular society. I would love to see Niaga products becoming mainstream!” Ward has a versatile background from managing innovations programs, running his own consultancy in tech transfer to launching multistakeholder business initiatives. Ward is responsible for expanding Niaga’s portfolio and set up new partnerships and alliances. 

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