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Pretty simple, simply better

Outsmarting complexity in material design of carpet


Carpet-to-carpet recyclable
Carpets made with the Niaga® Technology are fully recyclable back into new carpet.

Easy to install and remove
Installation time is reduced to around 40% for broadloom carpet, with lower risk of damage to hands, walls and furniture. Also, removal is easier, since the carpet can easily be folded and is about 20% lighter.

Easy to clean
The material(s) used in Niaga® ingredient branded carpet have inherently better soil and stain performance. Due to the absence of latex, the airflow through the carpet when using a vacuum cleaner is better.

Fire safety
Due to the absence of latex, PVC and bitumen, smoke creation in case of fire is strongly reduced, allowing more escape time.

The Niaga® Adhesive is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This results in an odour-free installation with no negative impact on indoor air quality.

Future proof production
Compared to today’s standard in the lamination process, the Niaga® Technology reduces energy use by approximately 90% and eliminates the need for water. 


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