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Pretty simple, simply better

Outsmarting complexity in material design of carpet

Niaga® Technology

The Niaga® Carpet Manufacturing Technology is the last step in the carpet making process. Here the ingredients come together to make a carpet for an office, living room, baby room, airplane, event, or hotel.

In line with the Niaga® Design Philosophy, only pure materials are selected in the lowest possible diversity. In practise, this results in a mono-material polyester carpet. When facefibers from another material than polyester are desired, an adhesive is used that can decouple on demand. In other words, a glue that works like a screw.

In the first step, the facefibers are bonded to the primary backing by using only heat and pressure. The second and last step of the Niaga® Carpet Manufacturing Technology marries the top-layer and the backing together, using the Niaga® Adhesive.

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The Niaga® Technology

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