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We believe in modular design that makes optimal use of materials with an intrinsic capacity for endless recycling. The designs of the future are simple, clean, and reversible. Our frontrunning partners are out there, showing the world it can be done.

Cultivating consciousness of design.

Outsmarting material complexity in everyday stuff is what makes us tick. That’s why our design philosophy calls for simplicity by using the lowest possible diversity of materials, the exclusive use of clean materials, and reversible connections. In this way, product components can be disconnected after use. The products that result enable circularity of materials without compromising on performance.

redesigned products

Our design philosophy.

Keep it simple
Use the lowest possible diversity of materials.

Clean materials only
Only use materials that have been tested for their impact on our health and the environment.

Use reversible connections
Connect different materials only in ways that allow them to be disconnected after use.

Our signature technology.

Our expertise is in redesigning products for circularity and developing the technologies to make it happen. Our secret ingredient is our click-unclick adhesive. Its unique reversible feature enables attachment of different materials while allowing for easy decoupling after use. Much like a glue that works like a screw.

The circle of stuff

Let's start designing with the end in mind and design for reuse. Let's create things differently.

Closing the carpet loop

Here's how we keep the materials used in carpet alive, again and again.

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