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Soft flooring that will be alive. Again and again.


Niaga® Technology gives carpet designers the full freedom to make any carpet fully recyclable. Our technology enables the production of both mono and duo-material carpets in broadloom or tiles that can handle high-low structures as well as advanced tufting technologies. 

The mono-material product consists of only polyester (PET). Our duo-material carpet works with all main types of man-made face fibers like polyester (PET), polyamide (PA6 and PA66), poly-tri-methylene terephthalate (PTT), polypropylene (PP), but also natural fibers such as wool.

First product made with Niaga®Technology launched

Mohawk's new Air.O made with Niaga® Technology has been launched. It represents an entirely new flooring category called Unified Soft Flooring (USF). Air.O eliminates all the “new carpet smell", is easy to install and is 100% recyclable.

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