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Hello Niaga®. Goodbye waste.

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At Niaga®, we design products for circularity so that materials can be regained and reused. Outsmarting complexity is what makes us tick. Products that carry a Niaga® tag have been designed based on the principles of simplicity, clean materials and reversible connections. Together with our frontrunning partners, we have co-developed a circular mattress, circular carpet, as well as a healthy alternative to traditional (furniture) panels. More product redesigns are underway.

Let's design out waste.

Did you know that waste is largely a result of the way in which products are designed? A bountiful world in which products and materials are regained is merely a matter of design. Changing our design mindset is all it takes to keep materials alive.

redesigned products

Let's design for circularity.

We envision a future in which our economy is restorative and regenerative by nature. One that honors material value and reuses materials, again and again. The designs of the future are simple, clean, and reversible. This makes working and living environments healthier for both people and planet.

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Material lovers united.

Niaga® is a purpose-driven DSM brand that redesigns products in partnerships to future-proof value chains and industries one step at a time. Our frontrunner partners are showing the world it can be done and inspiring others to follow suit. We’re grateful DSM has shown great commitment to our technology, our team, and the future we envision.

Systemic change is on our wish list.

Pushing for the radical change that’s needed in manufacturing requires boldness. Our courageous partners go against the grain and do things differently. They are willing to be radically transparent about the materials they use. This openness is a collective effort and is essential if we want to achieve an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.

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