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Hello Niaga®. Goodbye waste.

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We are a group of redesigners, outsmarting complex combinations of toxic and non-recyclable ingredients in everyday stuff. We share a non-negotiable product design philosophy, to make products healthier and fully recyclable. Niaga® does not compromise on performance, even if it takes a radical change in manufacturing and business model.


What drives us

Niaga® started with a fascination about how stuff is made today. We realized how innovation in the world of stuff has been dominated by constantly adding extra ingredients, to a point that no-one understands what stuff is made of. tag:


The first product Niaga® took on to redesign was carpet. Carpet is one of the big contributors to landfill waste today, due to its complex combination of materials glued together for eternity.

Niaga® found ways to meet all performance demands of a carpet by using only one material. This allows for easy recycling after use, back into carpet.

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What's Next

The world is full of stuff that could use some redesign. If there is any product in particular that you’d like to see us redesign, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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