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Introducing a digital passport for carpet

To support further recycling, ingredient information now travels with products

Date published: 18 | 6 | 19

The aim of DSM-Niaga is to create products that can be easily recycled back into the same product, thereby reducing our consumption of natural resources. By chance, though, we found that our circular products are not only easily recycled, but that these products have higher levels of functional performance than conventional alternatives. As such, we found ourselves reaching far beyond “recyclovers” to a much broader audience.

So, what better way to deliver all of the information a recycler needs to make the best use of our carefully selected ingredients than a digital passport that travels with the actual product? That’s why we partnered with Provenance, a London-based transparency organization combining blockchain tracking with their own consumer platform.

Our collaboration resulted in a product platform consisting of a consumer value chain story for an actual batch of carpet, and a blockchain-locked overview of the products’ ingredients, including their origin. Of course, to deliver all of the right information, we partnered up with our partners across the carpet value chain.

For example, for the first pilot case – a carpet production batch of 4,418m2 (5,284yd2) for Canary in San Francisco – we partnered with: Morssinkhof (recycled polyester for yarn), Spin Group (recycled polyester yarn), Propex (polyester tuft cloth), Best Wool (tufting), DSM (polyester adhesive), TWE (polyester backing), Automatic Arts (cutter) and Canary (seller), to share all product information directly and accessibly.


Home screen of the consumer value chain story

Tracking page locked in Blockchain

But we’re not done yet. Moving forward, we will continue to focus our efforts and push boundaries to drive transparency and accountability across value chains. Indeed, with designers, producers and recyclers all needing to know what’s in a product in order to recycle it, it’s only a matter of time before digital product passports are in demand everywhere. Stay tuned!

Do you have any ideas for improving our product designs, ingredient choices or product transparency? Let us know!