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Product-to-product recycling is no easy feat. It requires a thorough process of testing feasibility as well as economic viability within the value chain. Together with our valued partners, we are working towards a circular future, boldly and bravely. Here's how.


Designed for circularity

The Niaga® tag on Again™ indicates it has been designed for circularity, based on the principles of simplicity, clean materials and reversible connections. The two different carpet layers are bonded together with our signature Niaga® click-unclick adhesive to allow for easy decoupling after use. That's how we've designed for high-quality recycling, again and again.


During production and installation

Inevitably, left-overs are generated during the production and installation process. We make sure to collect and use all of it to test the recycling techniques that seem most promising to scale up. This is how we make sure that left-over material serves a meaningful purpose and enables the maturing of our recycling process.

Are you installing Again™ carpet? You will receive a big bag along with the carpet to collect Again™ left-over material on-site. Return instructions are included.


We take Again™ carpet back

After our Again™ carpet has reached the end of its use cycle, we promise to take back all of it to prevent it from becoming waste. We are working closely with our partners in the value chain to find the best solution for every region. Until a full-fledged recycling infrastructure is in place, we want your used Again™ carpet back. Please fill in the return form on the Again™ tag page for recycling.


Ready for large volumes by 2025

Together with our valued partners, we are figuring out which recycling routes are most economically viable, scalable and - hence - will yield the best results. By 2025, we envision an infrastructure to be in place that is ready for the high volumes that will be coming back at the end of our carpets' use cycle.

Bring your Again™ carpet back to life

Fill in the return form on the Again™ tag page for recycling.

Return your Again™ carpet

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