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This is how it works.

Niaga® Technology.

Designing with
‘no end’ in mind


Niaga® production technology is based on a different way of thinking. We start with the end in mind, or rather with ‘no end,’ in mind because for us, the end of one product cycle marks the start of a new one. With our closed-loop carpet technology, a Niaga® carpet can simply be returned and taken apart, or deconstructed into pure material streams that can then be used to make a brand new carpet.


Again and again.


This is how it works.

Niaga® closed loop carpet technology.  

Pure materials and nothing else

The key to being able to fully reuse a whole carpet is to use only pure materials in the first place. This also applies to the special Niaga® adhesive that holds all the carpet components together. Unlike a regular carpet, a carpet made with Niaga® Technology does not contain or need to contain any latex, PVC or bitumen.

Lowest environmental footprint
of any carpet design

Niaga® Technology has a much lower footprint than alternative carpet technologies. First of all, our materials never go to waste. But that’s not the only reason:

* It requires far less energy in the lamination process, as a carpet made with Niaga® Technology uses up to 95 % less energy!

* Niaga® Technology uses no water at all – zero.

* The lighter weight of a Niaga® carpet means less energy required during transport (and makes installation easier).

* Carpet made with Niaga® Technology does not contain latex, which is both highly flammable and produces lots of smoke when burned.

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