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“Transparency is like painting your house, there is no end to it”


Date published: 22 | 7 | 19

“Transparency is like painting your house, there is no end to it”

“For almost four decades, we have been producing carpets at Best Wool. We use high quality materials like wool and polyester. These two materials have different cycles. The wool we use in our carpets needs to be treated in such a way that it can go back to nature. The polyester we use should be completely recyclable so it does not end up in nature.

For the Canary polyester carpet, we received the yarn from Spin Group, we made the tufted cloth on our own machines and send it to Niaga where they connect the cloth to the secondary backing.

The supply chain is complex so you cannot blindly trust the quality of the materials that are delivered to you. Also, customers are increasingly asking questions related to material use and health. With the newly introduced product passport, we can easily check the polyester cycle: what ingredients are in it, where it comes from. And it also offers a great platform to share the story that makes us proud.

We learned that making our value chain transparency is quite a hassle. It’s like painting your house. If you start with the stairs, you end up in the attic and there is still more to be done. You want to do it thoroughly and then there is no end to it. But if you have the same level of frustration as I do with our current system of certifications, then it is more than worth it. Behind every label there is an interest. Despite the hassle, I believe that opening up our value chain is the only way forward."

—Yvar Monasch, Owner and Managing Director at Best Wool Carpets. 
Carpet Value Chain Partner #

Note 1: The picture shows Michiel’s co-worker working in yarn production)

Note 2: At its Netherlands headquarters, Best Wool Carpets has a library of all the carpet styles they ever made. How cool is that?