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Triple showcase for Niaga® Technology at K2016 tradeshow

Düsseldorf, Germany.

Date published: 19 | 10 | 16

DSM-Niaga premium partners Cumapol and Lacom, and knowledge partner DSM, are to highlight breakthrough Niaga® Technology during this year’s K2016, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

K2016, held every three years, is the world’s biggest tradeshow for plastics and rubber and theplace to learn what’s new and next in these industries. During the show, Cumapol, Lacom and DSM will have samples of products made with Niaga® Technology.


Radical simplification of materials

Niaga® Technology offers a completely new way of making carpet, using just one or at most two pure materials. The combination of Niaga and DSM know-how makes it possible for carpet manufacturers to produce either a mono-material polyester carpet, or a duo material carpet with polyester backing and nylon or woolen face fibers. Thanks to the use of a polyester reversible adhesive, both the mono and duo material carpets are 100% recyclable. Carpets made with our technology never end up as waste. Potential markets include synthetic carpets, wool carpets, composites, wall textiles, artificial grass and automotive mats.


Exciting opportunities in post-consumer recycling and upcycling

Cumapol recycles post-consumer bottles for further use in the food packaging industry, and develops special grades based on recycled materials. The company is now working with us to make carpeting fully circular, using Niaga® Technology. Cumapol’s expertise is key in the drive to upcycle post-use carpet waste to its highest possible application, including carpet-to-carpet recycling. Laminating and coating-machine specialist Lacom helped us to develop a laminating process based on engineered adhesive technology. Lacom also developed the second generation fiber-binding machines for Niaga® Technology. DSM’s expertise in materials science, meanwhile, is behind many of the advances in resins and recycling that underpin Niaga® Technology.


Learn more about Niaga® Technology at K2016

Niaga® Technology will be on show at the Cumapol, Lacom/Comag Engineering and DSM booths during K2016. K2016 runs in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 26-19. Find Niaga® Technology at:

Cumapol, Hall 8A/booth H10

Lacom/Comag Engineering, Hall 3, booth G15

DSM, Hall 6, booth B11


Talk with us at the DSM booth during K2016

We’ll have a number of experts on hand at K2016. If you would like to know more about Niaga® Technology, or want to discuss a possible market opportunity, feel free to make an appointment to talk with someone during the show. Please email: or fill in our contact form


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