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“Inspired by Nature” designed in a circular way

Sandra Baan

Date published: 23 | 7 | 19

“Inspired by Nature” designed in a circular way

"My biggest frustration is that we place ourselves above nature. We, as humans, are part of the ecosystem and we have the earth on loan. Guided by our ego, we moved away from nature and towards over-consumption, greed, and capitalism. We are still part of it though.

If you look closely, nature can be your counselor. It inspires you to come up with circular solutions instead of linear ones. You simply apply biomimicry. Trying to catch the structure and processes of nature in technologies and products is what we do at the Institute for Biomimicry Innovations.

Our designs are all built on nature and elements. Through years of knowledge and experience, we imitate nature as functionally as possible through design and storytelling. We feel the urge to reinvent ourselves every day. Keep listening closely to nature and people and ask yourself questions.

For the circular Canary carpet, I was allowed to do the design. We chose organically shaped designs like leaves, waterdrops and feathers. I made the designs intuitively. When I am in a flow, it is easy to see what'll work and what won’t.

I love the circularity of the Canary carpet. It must be made transparent otherwise the idea stays an idea and the materials will lose their value after use. So I really hope that this is the future.”

—Sandra Baan, designer and co-founder at IBI², the Institute for Biomimicry Innovations

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