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“If you know, you care”

Serena Canary

Date published: 30 | 7 | 19

“If you know, you care”

“We don’t know what we don’t know. If you know, you care. If you care, you start asking questions and you start to act. It happened with food. Back in the day, we learned that healthy food leads to a healthy body and mind. Today, many people are aware of the amount of sugar, calories, and proteins they eat. Even kids in school learn about healthy foods.

How about our home items? In the last seventy years there has been a rise of plastic production and material complexity. Our awareness did not evolve alongside. With products we essentially never asked questions. Food was a revolution, because it is a daily active health choice. Though we touch products all the time, we have no idea what we breath or touch. It is a blind spot. But what is in fabrics and furniture? And is it really healthy for me and my family?

By opening up our supply chain, we built a system based on accountability and reputation. Check out Everlane or Patagonia. They are popular these days because they have transparency at the heart of their company.

We sell carpets made by Best Wool and DSM-Niaga at Canary. We are very excited to introduce the product passport of our polyester carpet. Consumers can check what’s inside the carpet and where it comes from before they buy their carpet via our website. You can take responsibility if you want."

—Serena Pozza, Lead, Health &  Circularity at @thecanarylife

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