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''You don’t have to make up stories”

Spin Group

Date published: 22 | 7 | 19

''You don’t have to make up stories”

“My family produced two waste containers full of waste every week and it was all plastic. I just went crazy. Why was the milk bottle replaced by a plastic one? Where did all the glass go? That was the moment that I started looking for ways to turn plastic into something circular. Like glass. Something that lasts.

The production of plastic is very energy intensive. So, we built a polyester yarn factory right next to our biogas plant. The next step was to replace the plastic with recyclable plastic and that is where Morssinkhof and Niaga came in.

We were excited about the digital carpet product passport because we got fed up with certifications. Certifications are developed to inspire trust, but they merely protect the market. We must question the independence of inspection services and legislation. With a product passport we know that the plastic we are using for our yarns is recycled (rPET).

For me, the product passport is the future. We are just at the start of it. It is the only way to open up the value chain and make product information accessible to everyone, whenever and where ever. It’s a simple solution that enables products to become circular. If you show what’s in a given product, you don't have to make up stories. People that want to take responsibility for their actions are able to do so themselves.”

—Michiel Smits, former CEO at Spin Group

Carpet Value Chain Partner #

Note: the picture shows Michiel’s co-worker working in yarn production