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The Niaga®
product design philosophy

Niaga® product design philosophy

Niaga® started with a fascination about how stuff is made. We realized how innovation in the world of stuff has been dominated by constantly adding extra layers of complexity, to a point that no-one understands what stuff is made of, and why it’s made that complex.

We realize that more complexity is good for business, but we also believe it’s not always good for the consumer. So we tried a different approach to product design:

1. Focus on purpose
Select materials that suit the purpose of the product. Cardboard doesn’t suit the purpose of packaging liquids for example.


2. Choose clean materials
Prevent surprises by using materials that have been tested thoroughly for their impact on health and environment. Also, make sure your materials are recyclable. 


3. Keep it simple
Ask yourself if adding more ingredients is really necessary.


4. Connect for the future
Connect materials in a way that allows for full recovery after use. Adhesives (glues) are often not easy to de-couple for example. 


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What’s next?

Hello Again

Niaga® Technology makes it possible to reuse products again and again. So materials never go to waste.

Where we stand today

We work with various manufacturers and business partners to strengthen our material science expertise and enhance our production technologies as we redesign the reusability of our products.

The first product Niaga® took on to redesign is carpet. After developing the right technology for the production of high quality mono and duo-material carpets, we now sell machines and adhesives for the flooring industry. We’re doing business with as many manufacturers as we can because we want everyone to know how easy it is to switch their everyday products, like carpeting into products that make a difference on their environmental impact and well being.


What’s next?

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